About M. Iles, Phd, CCMH

Melody Iles, Phd, CCMH has been a Naturopathic Practitioner since 1998.  Her focus is on disease prevention and the strengthening of body systems.  She was educated through the University of Arizona, The Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy and The American Academy of Nutrition.  Her degrees include a PhD in Natural Health and Naturopathic Practitione, a Certification in Clinical Nutrition as well as her degree as a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. 

Melody Iles, Phd, CCMH,  also completed the course study of Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, through Dr. Chi. Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, PhD is internationally renowned and a board certified naturopathic physician.

Board Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is a member of the American Holistic Health Association.

Melody Iles, Phd, CCMH, has provided seminars on a variety of health topics to businesses and other groups such as:

  • NEC Electronics
  • WholeFoods
  • Pioneer House
  • Grand Strand Hospital
  • McLeod Hospital
  • Private Businesses
  • Women’s Groups

Hippocrates said “Let your food be your Medicine” , this is especially true today!  With all of the foods and products being marketed as “Healthy and Natural” we are losing site of what is truly Healthy and Natural.

As a nation we are inundated with vitamins and supplements.  Marketing techniques guide us to believe that: taking this supplement will resolve that health issues.  So, we continue to purchase supplements hoping for better health instead, we end up with a kitchen cabinet full of supplements and very little has helped with the origninal health concern.  

Soon we start to discover that the “pill per symptom” approach does not work!!!  We end up taxing our kidneys, liver and bowel and we still feel bad.

M. Iles, Phd, Certified Clinical Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner is here to help.  Over 20 years of education and experience has allowed her a position to knowledgeably help clients find the correct supplements and nutrients to balance and repair their unique health situations.   

The holistic approach of M. Iles, Phd, CCMH, HHP, will help find the correct and most effective herbal and supplemental combination.  

After your program is designed and implemented it is easier for your body to be placed in a position to rebuild and regain good health. 

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