Online Consultation

Online Consultation

1.  Study of your eyes, fingernails and tongue.  You will be required to take and send pictures.

2. Consultation of your health habits (diet, exercise)

3. Analysis of any lab results, medications, herbs and vitamins.

4. A program designed for your specific health needs (foods, supplements, exercise, suggestions to regain health).

Your individually designed health program will be emailed to you

How the program works?

1.  Call for an appointment: Call or Text 843-446-0293 

2. As a client you will have access to your questions being answered as well as high quality products, only available through credentialed practitioners (StandardProcess & Xymogen). We design a health program for your specific needs that will coordinate your supplements, medications, herbs and foods. 

It's affordable

It's for everyone

Everyone has heath questions that call for holistic solutions.  Questions such as:

  • Can herbs interfere with my medications?
  • How can I naturally prevent disease?
  • How can I naturally control hormonal imbalances?
  • How do I strengthen my digestive tract? 
  • How can I prevent constipation and bowel disorders?
  • How do I prevent or fight cancer?
  • How can I gain more mental clarity and energy?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate pain?
  • With all the vitamins being  marketed, how do I know what to take and the amount to take?
  • Can taking the wrong supplements create toxins in my body?
  • Can taking vitamins cause more harm than good?
  • Are there holistic solutions for colds, sore throat, chest congestion, flu?

Treating symptoms can be a recipe for disaster!

Because, every person is unique and requires different herbs, foods and nutrients, we need individual and unique answers, for our particular health issue, there is NO one health solution for everyone.  Seeking health information to solve your unique health concerns from the internet can be either harmful or ineffective.

Health Care in America has forgotten that Holistic Care is our first line of defense and recovery.  When illness or disease manifests we are taught to treat symptoms, treating symptoms with medication does not mean your body is over-coming an illness.  Medical doctors are well  trained with diagnosing and treating symptoms however, they do not address the underlying imbalances of the body that perpetuate disease and illness.  

 Learning to correctly treat the entire body is the only way the body can truly heal.  We  re-educate and re-introduce you to Holistic Medicine.  



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