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Determining the correct herbs, will require individual information about you.  Your body tells its own health story.  By listening to your concerns and by examining the skin, fingernails, tongue and eyes, I can help with early detection of health issues, deficiencies, congestion, toxins, organ weaknesses and inflammation.

I am  a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist,  I do not work with standard diets,  instead I develop complete health programs based on your genetics, your existing health conditions and the health of your organs and body systems. 


  • FINGERNAILS - fingernails continually grow, are the lowest extremity of the body and therefore, the reason many physical deficiencies can be seen in the appearance of the nails.
  • TONGUE - the tongue regenerates its entire top layer every three days.  This fast rate of regeneration allows for immediate detection of certain health conditions faster than any other form of health identification problems.
  • HAIR - hair that is dry, brittle, falling or graying too soon, can be indictors of mineral deficiencies or other health issues.
  • IRIS - the iris of the eye can show acute, subacute, chronic and destructive stages in the body.  Studies of the iris can foretell the development of many health conditions long before they manifest into disease.  The iris is a genetic mapping of you.
  • PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION - the way you feel, the foods you eat, your own personal story and insight is invaluable when determining your state of health.

True Holistic Medicine does not diagnose disease, treat specifically  “named” diseases or treat the symptoms of a problem. Instead  the entire body is considered and a unique nutritional, herbal and supplement program is designed to began the healing process of your specific needs and health conditions. 


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