Three Top Foods for Good Health

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I would like to help you with your health in a simple way, starting with the base, the foods that you eat everyday.

If you only had a few foods to choose from start with these:

Collard-Greens Number One

Number one: Greens: – the fast growing collard, beet, turnip, dandelion and mustard greens – these green vegetables benefit the liver as well as the rest of our body systems.  

Greens have an abundance of chlorophyll, which is purifying.  The Chlorophyll from these plants promote the growth of intestinal flora as well as stop the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms.  

As we age – especially women, we should lower our consumption of meats, too much meat can lead to excessive arachidonic (air a ca don ic) acid which can upset the feminine hormonal system.

Collard Greens and Leafy Greens: are rich in calcium and a good source of Vitamins A and C.  Collards are good for the respiratory system, the digestive system and the skeletal system, the lymphatic system, the eliminative and urinary system and the nervous system.  This vegetable is invaluable to nearly every part of the human body. 

Out of all the minerals our body needs more calcium than anything.  However, calcium is difficult to  break down and become usable. Greens help solve this problem as they are loaded with calcium and are able to naturally deposit calcium correctly. 

For those people on blood thinners, you are still able to eat greens, make sure you are consistent with including greens in your diet and have your medication regulated based on a good diet.

I do hear folks groan about how they do not like greens.  It’s alright, I am going to help you with some ways to get your greens.  The best way is to blend them.  In a blender add, rice, almond or organic soy milk, add some berries or a banana, a handful of greens (collards, turnip or mustard) add 2 scoops of a good pea protein powder, I would suggest StandProcesses SP-Complete powder.  Blend and drink.

Another way is to include  them in your diet is to make a vegetable soup or if you are not feeling well try making potato soup /garlic / greens soup.  use veggie broth add red potatoes, garlic and greens, after everything is cooked, put in the blender. blend and season to taste.

Salmon – Choice Number Two

Salmon – is another excellent food choice.  Open-water, NOT farm-raised salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and many other essential nutrients.  Salmon is excellent for hair, skin, heart and brain.  Salmon is a good source of protein the building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. 

Potatoes are chocked full of vitamin C, iron, potassium, zinc and fiber. So many dishes and soups can be made from the versatile, filling, red potato

Red Potatoes – Number Three Food Choice

So, if you ever find yourself on a serious budget or you just have no idea what to eat to strengthen and nourish your body, start with these 3 foods.

Until next week eat well and stay healthy.

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